Kitchen / Before

Here are the official “before” shots. The kitchen was actually a decent size, but the awkward layout and 5 doorways made it incredibly inefficient.

From what we’ve observed and guessed, the cabinetry along the main kitchen wall is original. There also used to be a door on the opening separating the kitchen and dining area. The base cabinet on the far left has a thicker door construction, so we think it used to be some type icebox. We would soon sacrifice the only drawers [to the right of the sink] in order to make way for a dishwasher. We didn’t have a dishwasher in our previous rental house and were more than okay with trading our 3 drawers for that modern convenience.

The sink and pale yellow laminate (with gold flecks!) was likely a 60’s upgrade. The flooring is linoleum, though we’re not sure from what era it came! See that wall outlet? It was one of TWO outlets in the entire kitchen.

Needless to say, new appliances were a necessity.

Another likely part of the 60’s upgrade: more upper cabinets and sleek brown appliances! The counter in the corner is only there to provide head clearance for the basement stair below. (The chimney was behind this wall so this is likely where the old wood burning stove was.)

Kitchen / Process
Kitchen / After