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happy seventh, bailey.

Today is Bailey’s birthday! To celebrate, I’m reposting all of my favorite Instagram photos from the past year (in chronological order).

Happy birthday Bails, we love you.

Need more Bailey in your life? Check out this birthday post from two years ago that includes our all-time favorite photos.

P.S. – I would feel like a bad daughter if I did a whole post for my dog but failed to mention that it is also my mom’s birthday. Happy birthday Mom!


The main focus of this blog has been to document the remodel of our home, but for anyone who has been reading for a while you know it’s about our family too.

Last Saturday, Felix was hit by a car. We weren’t home when it happened, but the driver (who was absolutely devastated) got a hold of us by calling the number on his tag. It was a quiet drive back and when we got home we buried him in the backyard. We wanted Bailey to try to understand what had happened so we included him in the process. Afterwards, the three of us curled up in bed where we stayed most of the day.

We had Felix for less than a year. He was an abandoned kitten who had spent the first several weeks of his life outdoors before we adopted him. As much as we tried, he was just not meant to be an indoor cat. As he grew into a mature cat he became increasingly destructive and unfriendly, with too much energy to stay inside all day. So a couple of months ago we started letting him outdoors and despite everything, I know that those few months were the happiest of his life. During that time, we watched him become a sweet and playful cat who mostly stayed in our yard and no longer picked on Bailey. He had just started chasing birds, so maybe he followed one into the street. Or maybe the driver was distracted. We’ll never know for sure, but we’re definitely going to miss that little guy. As a way to say goodbye we decided to repost some of our favorite photos from his short life…

We’re doing better now, but the sadness is still there. It’s so incredibly hard to lose a pet.

an open letter from bailey

Hey guys, Bailey here.

I’ve been meaning to do a blog post for a while now, but these giant paws of mine make it really tough to type. Fortunately, I somehow managed to convince my small-pawed brother Felix to help me out (even though I did I push open the bathroom door and eat all of his breakfast this morning).

So here’s the deal, I’ve never really told my side of this remodel story. Sure, I may look like a young pup, but I’ve been around during this whole crazy ride…

In fact, I remember the first time they brought me over to the new house (I wasn’t even a year-old yet!). They didn’t trust me to stay in the partially fenced backyard, so they tied me up to that nasty teal gate. Let’s be honest, I probably could have dragged the whole thing down the block if I’d have thought about it. Even though the yard needed a lot of help, I was pumped about all that space for me to run around in.

For the first month or so and before we actually moved in, Mom and Dad used to bring me over to the house in the evenings. They still didn’t trust me to stay away from the walls they were painting and so out came the leash. It’s kinda embarrassing being tied up in your own home, y’know?

After we got all settled in, it was time for me to get to work. Here’s dad and me fixing the old work truck we bought from a farm dog up north.

But let’s be honest, after a while I grew tired of all the work. (What? I’m a golden!) Some nights I’d hide in the shop and hope no one missed me.  

On more than one occasion, I’ve also questioned the sanity of my parents (I’m giving Dad “the look”). I suppose at some point though I realized that I would just have to trust that I wouldn’t be stuck in the house forever. And I wasn’t…Dad built a sweet stoop where we sit on nice days and drink beer.

But along with the low points, there have been some great milestones too. That basement project was no barrel of monkeys. I felt bad that Dad spent all that time digging away at the dirt in the crawl space. If I wasn’t so lazy, I could have lent my diggers.

I admit, I haven’t always had the vision that my architect parents have. Mom tried to show me what the view from the future kitchen would be like but for some reason it just wasn’t clicking.

My favorite part of this whole remodel thing is probably all of the car rides to home improvement stores. I especially love Home Depot. Not only is there usually stale popcorn on the floor, but I get all kinds of hugs and belly rubs. Lowes is ok, but I had an accident there one time and have been too ashamed to go back. You never want to be the dog that brings out the “caution wet floor” sign if you know what I mean.

I like to think that I’ve really matured as a DIY dog over the years and by the time we tackled the big interior gut job in ’10, I was ready. Mom and Dad still don’t give me a lot of responsibilities, so I’ve generally taken it upon myself to supervise.

I also supply moral support and encouragement. DIY dogs, this is very important. 

And when I’ve got some downtime, I lay in piles of sawdust. What, you haven’t tried this? It’s bliss!

I’m also a fantastic source for comic relief. Hey guys…it’s just a house y’know. Lighten up! Let’s have an insulation par-tay! 

And when we’ve all worked a little too hard, I let them know when it’s time to power down for the day.

I know this photo doesn’t bode well for my intelligence, but I’m actually just really respectful of boundaries.

A word of caution to you long-haired canines, remodeling can lead to extreme haircuts if you’re not careful. It felt so strange at first, but it was really quite liberating.  

Last summer they took away my backyard access and I thought I was tripping in some kind of M.C. Escher drawing…

…but I soon realized that you were just building me a sweet deck to lounge on.

“Looking good guys! Oh…little to the left…there you go!”

So why this blog post and why now? As you can see, I’ve been through a lot these last 5 1/2 years and it’s time for a little Bailey pampering. But I don’t have a job or any money, so I’m relying on you guys to help me out. Here’s the deal – if my parents win this contest thing they’ve entered, I get a new yard. With real plants…that I can pee on! You’ve seen what I’ve had to work with and it isn’t pretty. Seriously, every morning I go out and smell the winter daphne because it’s the only plant in the yard. To make matters worse, this morning Mom and Dad made fun of me when I came in because I had tiny pink flowers on my back (so humiliating!).

Also, I don’t want to ruin the surprise but I think they’re turning the TV room into a bedroom for me. Last weekend they installed this weird elevated dog bed. I’m not sure how to get in and out of it just yet, but seeing as how I’ve never had my own bed I guess I don’t know what to expect.  But still, I know we’re going to need some more cash to pimp out my room. And I don’t know why, but there seems to be some kind of deadline attached to getting all this stuff done.

Felix and I have been keeping tabs on the vote count and the gap between 1st and 2nd place in our category is shrinking quickly. I’m not that good at math, but Felix says he’s worried. So that’s why I’m asking you, Bailey lovers of the world, to click over to that Cool Small contest thing and show me your support.  In return, I will send you a virtual nuzzle. And when you see pictures of me rolling around in a giant pile of fresh compost, you’ll know that you had a small part in making that dream a reality.

Love, Bailey (and Felix, cat typist extraordinaire)

this dog

Every 3-4 months or so we take Bailey to the groomer for a much-needed hair cut. (When I can braid the fur on his paws, I know it’s time.) It’s a splurge, but so worth it when you have a dog with freakishly large paws and the ability to track in leaves and small branches in his fur. 

Last week, when he came home well-coiffed and feeling rather proud of himself, I thought it might be a good opportunity for a quick photo shoot. 

But then I was reminded, he’s still a dog. The first thing he wanted to do was roll around in the grass and chew on a gnarly stick.

Love this dog.

Have a great weekend everyone!

downton dog

Hi. You guys are awesome – a big thank you to those that took the time to vote for us in the Homies contest over at Apartment Therapy! If you’re new here, welcome!

Although the content of our blog is mostly home-related, we like to pepper it with random posts about our pets. Bailey is our 6-year old golden retriever and Felix (aka “kiki”) is our 8-month old rescue cat. Sometimes we dress them up.

The weekend before last we had some friends over to watch the Downton Abbey season finale. Felix had been neutered a few days prior and with his “cone of shame” and medical gauze bow he was looking ever so dainty. So naturally, the logical next step was to make a matching top hat for Bailey.

Ok, so he looks more like Abraham Lincoln than Matthew Crawley, but quite dapper nonetheless. That evening, I attempted a photo shoot with the two of them. It was not very successful. The room was too dark and the boys too squeamish, but these photos make me laugh all the same.  

Felix is doing just fine and is a bit more loving after 3 days in his plastic bubble. My only regret is that we didn’t pull out Bailey’s cone and have a good ol’ fashioned cone-off. Next time.

Also, don’t forget to vote! (Note: you have to scroll to the bottom of the page to login in or sign up (if you don’t already have an Apartment Therapy account) in order to vote. It’s an extra step, but one that helps keep the process more legit.) Only the top 6 nominees move onto next week’s final voting and our competitive personalities simple can’t handle defeat. I mean, look at Bailey’s pleading face…do it for him! DO IT!

P.S. – if animals dressed in period costumes isn’t your thing, stay tuned for upcoming posts on the studio loft desk and design ideas for the nursery!