Dining / Process

The first time we walked into our would-be house, it felt like stepping back in time…back to an era where crushed green velvet and plastic medieval chandeliers were in vogue. Before moving in, we tore up the green carpet, painted, and replaced the light fixture. Since then, we have replaced the windows, put up some temporary window trim and installed new roller shades. 

Update – we gutted this room! Click here for past posts that chronicle the transformation of this space! 

August + September 2006


Because we were dealing with plaster walls, we needed to do some patching and repairing prior to painting. Oh hello again green couch, you did come in handy.


The white primer alone really brightened up the room. We alsmost reconsidered our green color [and maybe we should have, considering our recent tendency to stick with white walls in cloudy Seattle], but we also wanted the space to feel cozy.


Cutting in the green paint. We chose a Benjamin Moore color that we then had matched to a zero VOC paint from American Pride.


Green paint good! We painted the ceiling and all the trim white as well.  

August 2009

Here are a few shots of the “current state” of the living/dining room.


In the last three years, we’ve fussed around with the layout (usually coming back to the couch straddling the framed opening), replaced the windows, added (and then removed) an area rug, and for the most part left the space as is. Once we determined that we would eventually gut the space, it didn’t make much sense to do anything else.


Since we demoed the basement, the dining room has served as our home office and until the porch is completed, it serves as the mudroom too.

Dining / Before
Dining / After