Bedroom / After

We reused our bed frame (IKEA) and the night stands are actually TV stands from Blu Dot that we got on sale from Design Public. We scored the duvet cover on sale from Velocity Art and Design (we had seen it a few months earlier, but it was too expensive) and the reading lights were a splurge from Artemide.

The wardrobe is three IKEA Pax units with an IKEA cable rod and curtains. It’s just the right amount of storage and we completely avoid the reaching-across-each-other-for-clothes dilemma. Even better, we can easily close the curtains if we want to hide the wardrobe (a solution that was much cheaper than buying doors and is more functional when you have two people using one wardrobe). We also installed an additional set of brown curtains and curtain track over the window to keep the space darker during the summer when the sun rises at 5:00 a.m.! During the months we don’t need it, we can push the curtains back into the recess between the wardrobe and wall.

Nearly a year after completion we finally put up some homemade artwork. Read all about the birds here.

A detail shot of the bedroom. We really liked the simplicity of the night stands and their ability to provide some storage space for books, magazines, etc. We found that our old night stands (with 2 drawers each) ended up becoming junk drawers so this arrangement helps us eliminate that unnecessary clutter in the bedroom.

Bedroom / Before
Bedroom / Process