zerbebe nursery: fabric, accessories and baby photos

Wow, I never thought picking out fabric would be so hard. Disappointed with the selection at my local fabric stores, I went back online last weekend and scoured the interwebs, pinning ideas as I went. After revisiting the yellow and white chevron fabric that I had in our initial design board and this post, I discovered that the pattern was also available in coral and white. I’ve always been resistant to pink (maybe because I look terrible in that color?), but coral is sorta like pink’s more sophisticated cousin and a color we talked about using from the get-go (Kyle actually suggested painting the two big sliding doors coral, to which I said “hell no”). To be honest, despite that ambiguous reference in our design boards, I didn’t really have a plan for how we would incorporate a more feminine color in the space. So at the last-minute I decided to get all crazy and order the coral chevron fabric.

The fabric came from Texas Susannie’s, an online shop that was recommended by a few readers and had the best pricing I could find. The fabric is a heavier weight, so I think it will work well for the wardrobe curtains. Curious to see how it would match with the wall color, I took it out of the packaging and awkwardly hoisted it up over the wardrobe.  

I held my breath as I stepped back to evaluate, but y’know…I actually really like it. It’s fun and girly but also modern and hey – there is a PATTERN in our house. This is progress!

About 20 minutes later, as Kyle was coming up from the basement I called him in for his opinion. His response: “oh yeah, already saw your tweet”. Trumped by social media yet again!

After the mutual thumbs-up, I cut the fabric into 3 equal lengths then washed and dried it to take care of any unwanted shrinkage. Next weekend, I sew. (I purchased an IKEA KVARTAL curtain track and coordinating RIKTIG gathering tape that will be sewn to the top of the curtain panels.)

For the roman shades, I bought some dark blue-gray felt, but wasn’t really feeling it. On my trip to IKEA last weekend, I picked up some simple blue-gray curtains that are a nearly perfect match to the wall color. I’ve got some ideas on how I can convert them to roman shades, possibly using the same hardware from our IKEA shades that we bought 8 years ago.

Before the big concrete pour last weekend, I drove down to South Seattle to pick up the glider and ottoman (which we ordered through Land of Nod). We went with the charcoal color which I thought might clash with the walls but now think it works just fine. The chair is really comfortable and I’m glad Kyle talked me into the matching ottoman (which also glides). In fact, I’ve already spent a few early mornings in that chair, thinking about how our lives are going to change in just 8 short weeks (+/-)…and wondering if we are really going to finish all these projects in time.

The floor lamp is IKEA (purchased last year), but previously had a larger diameter brown shade. I wanted something visually lighter so picked up this one at my favorite Swedish superstore. It’s a bit smaller than the one intended for it, but the scale feels appropriate for the space. The little side table was my very first IKEA purchase (ordered over the phone and shipped freight because the closest IKEA to Oklahoma was in Chicago) and has probably lived in every room of our house by now. It will eventually get replaced with the bench/cubby that Kyle is going to build.

I’ve also been collecting a few things for the walls and future shelving. It may not all make sense just yet…but it will (I hope!). In the realm of “artwork”, we’ve also been talking about framing a few baby photos of us for the space. It’s not the most original idea, but I think it would be fun to see how she resembles us as a newborn and as she gets older.

When Kyle and I were planning our wedding, we had our parents send us baby/kid photos that we used as table centerpieces (after converting them to sepia tone to keep things classy of course) and later put into a photo album for our parents. Since Kyle is only two years older than me and we both grew up in Oklahoma, it was fun to see the parallels in our childhoods and pair similar photos together. For this round, I asked Kyle’s mom to send us some more baby pictures of him. I spent some time this weekend scanning, photoshopping and analyzing. I’m not sure which ones we’ll go with yet, but it’s been fun to imagine what zerbebe will look like:

We both started out as fairly normal looking babies. I think Kyle might be wearing a baby leisure suit here?

As we got a little older our personalities started to come out. (Most of Kyle’s shirt was cropped out of the photo, but I’m guessing it says, “move over world, here I come”. His mom had a good sense of humor.)

People also frequently ask us if we think she’ll be a redhead. I think the chances are pretty slim, especially since I am the only one in my family. Being realistic about genetics and not wanting to get my hopes up, I’ve been imagining that she’d have dark hair like Kyle’s, but now I’m thinking she might start out blond. As for eyes, mine are green and Kyle’s blue so who knows how that will shake out.

Maybe we were typical babies, but we actually seem to have similar features here. Is baby Kyle not the cutest? You want to pinch those little cheeks, don’t you?

I love the foreshadowing in this one – Kyle moving dirt around and me in my “house wrecker” t-shirt (though taken in a completely literal sense of course – as in, actually tearing apart our house). 

We also went out in costume from time to time. This is one of my favorite photos of Kyle. Most adorable little brown bear ever.  

Finally, we seem to have developed a certain sense of style early on. Kyle in his rainbow belt, me in my patchwork pants.

One thing’s for sure, our kid is going to have some crazy and out-of-control hair. I can’t wait.


22 Responses to “zerbebe nursery: fabric, accessories and baby photos”

  1. Lisa says:

    I spy a white top on the dresser!

  2. KeLLy aNN says:

    um, HigH SchooL??? Must see some high school, like freshman year!
    These are great

  3. Suzanne says:

    I loooove the coral.

  4. Kate says:

    this might be my favourite post! 🙂

  5. Valerie C. says:

    Don’t give up on the red hair; I have a girlfriend (only redhead in her family) with 2 daughters and they both inherited her hair color. One straight and one curly… genetic combinations are fascinating!

    That glider does look comfy and your plans for the nursery are lovely.

  6. Barb says:

    I am getting a gray frame from blog at wordpress.com at the bottom of my screen when on your website. The left says Theme:Customize vigilance by the theme foundry. Can you remove it or is it me? You site, which is a really great site by the way (you guys work so hard!!!), is the only one it seems to affect.

  7. ModFruGal says:

    Loved seeing the kiddo photos…and the nursery is going to be so fab…it’s all coming together!!!

  8. Paule says:

    I adore the coral with the wall color+crib. Everything is just perfect, and a bit more soft with the warm color. I”m always afraid of bold colors too, but with the blackish walls, it just looks so sophisticated!

  9. Colleen says:

    I just picked up the same track for our nursery curtains along with a pair of curtains that I’m going to add a band of colorful fabric across (because of course the fabric I found at JoAnn’s months ago is no longer available in stores or anywhere online so I’m making the most of the yard I have.) I love love love the idea of framing kid pictures of yourselves, thanks so much for sharing!

  10. Dusa says:

    And cute puppies seem to run in the family too!

  11. kitliz says:

    Cutest pics ever! I really love that chevron fabric on the dark walls. Can’t wait to see it all come together.

  12. Mariane says:

    Oh you guys were so cute! I love the coral fabric makes the modern pattern softer and more soothing. I am glad you got the princess and the pod print. I think it looks great, I agree with you though, the point of the story was always a little obscure to me too, just loved the idea of a princess feeling the pea under 21 matresses as a kid! No offense Kyle but I wish you a redhead!!

  13. Caitlin says:

    Those patchwork pants are killer! Can’t wait to meet Zerbebe, she’s going to be so adorable!

  14. Ieva says:

    You both look so adorable!


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