zerbebe nursery: odds and ends

We’ve been in a bit of a lull with the nursery progress. With the main pieces complete (or yet to be built), I’ve been focusing on textiles and other odds and ends instead. Lots of decisions to make, but no real progress yet. So, a status update of sorts:

1. Curtains – I still like the idea of doing a modern yellow fabric for the wardrobe curtains but finding the right pattern has been more challenging than I expected. Frustrated by the selection at the handful of local fabric shops I’ve been to, I’ve started looking around online for options. My mom has used Fat Quarter Shop for quilting projects and I found a few contenders there during a recent search. (I also still like this white and yellow chevron pattern too.)

Or what about these curtains from Land of Nod? (They’re actually reasonably priced!) I’m not sure how well the lighter gray would go with wall color though.

For the two windows in the room, we plan on keeping the roller shades but need some type of blackout option for napping. Our windows just have a fir jamb casing so I’ve been thinking about something like a simple roman shade. But we have non-standard window sizes, so…fabric hunting again.

My mom actually had the idea to choose a color that more closely matched the walls so that the shades wouldn’t become a focal point in the room.  I found this charcoal-colored felt (above)…

…and this grayish flannel. Could one of these work? Has anyone made their own roman shades? 

I’d also need to figure how to mount them. Right now, the roller shade hardware sits just inside the window jamb. Even though the shades were an investment, we’ve always been a little disappointed in the quality of the chrome-painted plastic hardware. Maybe there’s a way to create a minimal valence for the roman shades while also hiding the cheapy looking hardware? Two birds with one stone, yes?

Despite my textile indecision, there is one thing we recently decided on.

2. Glider – We went for it – the Monte Luca glider in charcoal. (My siblings are actually getting it for us as a baby gift…yay for big families!) I ordered it from Land of Nod on Friday during a local 20% off sale and we pick it up next weekend!

3. Dresser – We still like it, but we don’t love it. It’s not quite long enough for the space and we’re not sure about the color (but can’t justify painting it either). I’ve been keeping an eye on Craigslist but no luck. I’ve also been trying to think outside the box – we don’t necessarily need a dresser, just something that can work as a changing table and provide additional storage. One option is to eventually install drawers in the adjacent wardrobe and use whatever goes here for toys, books, etc. So maybe a credenza or sideboard instead? Is there something we could make or hack?


4. Art – I love the modern fairy tale posters by artist Christian Jackson and was reminded of them a few months ago when Mariane left a comment about The Princess and The Pea print and how the colors resembled our palette. I confess, I remember being slightly confused by this story as a kid and after a conversation with a coworker last week neither of us could remember exactly what the moral of the story was supposed to be (apparently it’s about not judging people).  Anyway. I ordered a 10×16 print and I think it’s going to look really sweet in our little girl’s room.

We have a few other ideas for art, but all will be revealed in due time.

5. Odds and Ends – I saw this the other day while at Land of Nod. Kyle and I have a thing for squirrels and I like the color. When I showed it to him he asked if the squirrel was standing on the Arc de Triomphe. Clearly.  =)

I know felt garland is everywhere these days, but I like this version of it. Yes, another thing I could feasibly make myself. My sewing machine continues to taunt me.

Then there’s storage baskets for the bench cubby that Kyle is going to build. I love the plastic lace baskets that Nicole used at her house but sadly they don’t seem to be available anymore. Maybe something like these fabric baskets instead? 

Ok, that’s what I got.  


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  1. Jacqui Bennetts says:

    Roman blinds are completly diyable and if you mount them at the right height they definatly will hide your roller hardware. You can make the whole thing from scratch, ie cut you own dowel and tie your own string etc or you will be able to get a kit. I bought some cheap ready made ones and they have been good except they dont have narrow enough folds (are about 30cm, scimping on matterials is my guess). I like the more modern vibe they give.

    • chezerbey says:

      Thanks Jacqui, we have some that we bought for our first apartment from IKEA and have been using them on the basement windows for the last several years. I thought about replicating the construction or maybe even reusing some of the parts and pieces since they’re pretty simple. Now I just need a large chunk of time. =)

  2. georgia says:

    The bench cubby could work as a dresser. Really like the fabric baskets.. if you choose them the chevron curtain fabric will match nicely. All the best with the baby and house adventures 🙂

  3. georgia says:

    Sorry I meant cubby as a changing table 😉 Another option for blinds:

  4. bliss says:

    ok my comment is regarding the dresser – it’s been over a decade since i have had babies, but do people still use a diaper genie? because there is just enough room on the floor next to the dresser for that, so perhaps it’s not too short?

    ok i just freakin’ love that dresser and want to see it stay 🙂 all of your selections are gorgeous!

    • chezerbey says:

      Haha, thanks Bliss. I think people do still use diaper genies (or equivalents). I actually bought a small stainless steel trash can for disposables but we plan on switching to cloth so we’ll probably have wet/dry bags instead. But you’re right…need to save at least a little space on one side for that!

      • Adriana says:

        I was going to mention this very thing. Unfortunately diaper management is not very design friendly. A diaper genie is great for controlling odors and my diaper service had their own receptacle and ugly blue bags for pick up and it was big! Might be something you just have to hate and bite the bullet on either way. Also, would not have any qualms about painting the dresser. Most of our furniture finds are not an investment for resale. Way more important to enjoy it and make it work for you!!!

      • Jacqui Bennetts says:

        Young House Love have some info about managing diapers and using cloth nappys as we say here. 🙂

  5. marthaisnotavailable says:

    What makes you say the Carrie Basket isn’t available anymore? They look to be on a few sites still. Keep looking! I stopped using mine as a bike basket a while ago as it’s not the greatest for carrying more than a few ounces. But, it does make a great bin for whatever you’d like to corral around the house, especially toys.


  6. Martha says:

    After a quick search it looks like the Carrie Basket might still be available. Keep looking! I stopped using mine as a bike basket awhile ago as it doesn’t carry more than a few ounces without having issues, but it does make a very good catch-all around the house. I found these on Amazon:


    Hope this helps!

    • chezerbey says:

      Thanks Martha, I did find the Stockholm one but don’t think I could cough up $74/basket. =( I think there used to be more affordable versions sold at Storables or The Container Store.

  7. Meghan says:

    have you thought about where you might put books that are easily accessible? my husband built some book rails after much internet inspiration, which includes your house. we use an antique Hoosier for the changing table. pictures in this post: http://www.meghanburch.com/2011/05/the-nursery/

    also, before our daughter was born I had a very minimalist aesthetic. (no pink. no ruffles. no rainbows) and I thought that would be true after she was born. now, I love that stuff! Never thought i would.

    last thought to share: our daughter is now 13 months. it seems that the images/art that most appealed to her were images of faces- even if stylized/minimalist. this is true for many babies. I found that my taste in images is not necessarily what her interest is. I read that infants first see black, white and red because of the high contrast.

    best to you in your final months of preparation. more love than you can imagine awaits you!

    • Kyle Z says:

      I really like this book display idea. When we go to baby sales, I’m always picking out the books, mainly ones with animal involved storylines;) Thanks Meghan

    • chezerbey says:

      Great idea! I was thinking that the bench cubby could also hold books too (instead of baskets of stuff). Your shelves turned out great (we have a ton of Eric Carle books too…I never knew there was so many!).

    • chezerbey says:

      Also, love the Hoosier idea…so creative!

  8. John says:

    One suggestion on the blinds. My wife made blinds for our baby’s room and we added blackout fabric to the backside of the blinds. We never intended to actually blackout (no side rails, etc.) and it sticks out away from the wall so a fair amount of light leaks through the sides, but it helps A LOT during the summer when the baby is going to bed at 7 or whenever and the sun still has a few hours of being up. And naps…don’t forget about naps.

  9. katrina says:

    The squirrel is my favorite thing in this post 🙂

    Also, here’s a sewing tutorial for adding fabric to existing roller blinds…..

    • chezerbey says:

      Thanks Katrina, I thought about adding fabric to the roller blinds, but the diffuse light we get right now is nice (we’ll take what we can get in Seattle y’know) and provides some privacy. =)

  10. Alex says:

    You may be burnt out on DIY in the nursery, but what about snazzing up the dresser by cutting out some funky shapes out of ply and adhering them to the drawer fronts to look something like this?: http://pinterest.com/pin/204491639299812280/

    I know it won’t address your issue with wood finish, but you could stain the shapes (or even leave them raw w a clear poly finish) to create a color contrast and add a little visual interest. The dresser just strikes me as so functional that it would be great if you could find an easy, low cost way to feel more excited about it!

  11. tarynkay says:

    I like the dresser as is, though I’m sure you could do something neat to change it up. We use a sideboard that we already owned as a changing table, which has worked out well. One thing that is nice about it is that I don’t have to open drawers to get at things like wipes and diapers, which is helpful when you are holding a squirming baby and also when you have dirty hands from changing diapers. A friend of mine used a butcher block cart, I thought that was clever. Maybe you could do another fauxdenza? I know that the thing now is to not have a changing table, but they really are useful items of furniture since they are designed for changing diapers on.

    For the cloth diaper pail, we use a stainless steel kitchen trash can from target lined w/ planetwise wet bags- I found 2 of these at a yard sale, but they would be easy to make. It is really helpful to have the step opening for the lid.

    • chezerbey says:

      Ooh…good idea about lining a trash can with the planetwise bags. I’m guessing we’ll probably end up doing something similar…

      • tarynkay says:

        The trash can that we bought has one of those gripper rings on top to keep the bag in place, I think it is simplehuman? That has been essential b/c otherwise the fabric bag would just slip down inside the can and it allows the can to close tightly.

        • chezerbey says:

          Ooh…that’s a great idea. Do you remember which style can you got? I actually just purchased a small simplehuman version thinking we would only use it for the initial disposable period, but maybe I should return it and get something larger that can accommodate the planetwise bags.

          • tarynkay says:

            Okay- it is almost this one: http://www.bedbathandbeyond.com/1/1/67271-simplehuman-30-liter-round-stainless-steel-step-trash-can.html

            But ours has a stainless steel lid instead of a black lid. I got ours at Target about 6 months ago, I couldn’t find it on the Target website though. The important part is that it has a the gripper dohickey, which is apparently called a “trim ring.” It seems like most of the simplehuman kitchen trash cans (and probably other brands as well) have this feature now, so you have lots of options. The kitchen size works well w/ the planetwise bags.

            If you’re using cloth wipes as well as cloth diapers (which is honestly easier than disposable wipes plus cloth diapers) then yeah, you’ll only need one trash can, so you could return the small one and get a big one. You’ll go through a ton of diapers in the early weeks anyhow, since newborns need to be changed almost constantly.

            • chezerbey says:

              Thank you! I got mine at Storables and I know they have several other styles/sizes so maybe I’ll start there first. (It just seemed like a lot of the step cans had the step on the long side instead of the short side but I think we have the space either way.)

  12. Erin says:

    Love looking at your website for inspiration and normally would not chime in since I am a stranger all the way over in Philly, but loved the desk you made up in the loft. I am sure you are burnt out on DIY and do not want to go there…but I thought it was so clever and well done. Plus I envied the fact that you guys have access to the tools to make that kind of stuff. Also with a built in table you could cut a hole in one end with the diaper trash bin below. And later as a place for laundry. Anyhow Just thought I would chime in…as if you need more thoughts.
    Dresser is quite nice though too…

    • chezerbey says:

      Thanks Erin, we thought about doing something more custom (or even doing a full wall of PAX units that were hacked to form a dresser top on one end) but I think we want to keep the space more flexible so it can adapt as we need it to. That…and we’re running out of time. =)

  13. kim says:

    I love the dresser! I think you could put a cute fabric laundry hamper on one side of it and it would fit the wall well. You could also just paint the drawer fronts or put a cool top on it (like a piece of white laminate or something) to make it a bit more unique.
    Have you looked at etsy for curtains or fabric? I have found some great options on there in the past.
    The Container Store often has great baskets. I got a kind of similar plastic “lace” one at Target a few weeks ago, too!
    Love keeping up with all your fun designs.

  14. kim says:

    One more thing… I love the canvas art from Avalisa. You can find it at 2modern (http://www.2modern.com/avalisa), or on the avalisa website (www.avalisa.com). lots of cool animals, letters, and graphics perfect for a nursery, and a huge range of colors.

  15. Melinda says:

    I recently discovered your blog through Apartment Therapy, and i’ve really been enjoying catching up on all your progress over the past several years. Inspiring to say the least.
    Anyways, I love all your ideas and selections for the nursery, and can’t wait to see the final product. As for the window treatment, I noticed your comment about living in cloudy seattle and enjoying the light that you get from these windows. A roman shade will cover quite a bit of the window even when fully open, so you should consider mounting them higher than the top of your window so you don’t block too much light, yet still keep your roller shade mechanism hidden too. You’re smart, so you probably already thought of that.

    • chezerbey says:

      Thanks Melinda, that’s definitely something to consider. I think we would try to keep the valence portion as minimal as possible. The IKEA versions that we have are only about 6″ or so tall when fully opened (there’s just a small dowel or piece of wood at the top) so I’m hoping to mimic that as much as possible.

  16. amybruning says:

    what about re-staining the dresser? i think you mentioned the top is laminate, so maybe painting it glossy white? a la this: http://www.younghouselove.com/2010/03/nursery-progress-refinishing-a-veneer-dresser/

  17. Angela says:

    I love that dresser and several people on this post have added some good ideas on how to make it baby friendly. But if you decide the dresser is not for you, I will buy it from you.

  18. Christina says:

    The best tutorial for roman blinds: http://www.terrelldesigns.com/
    Everything you need to know clearly spelled out.
    Also, I would hang the roman shades outside and above your frames.

  19. ali thompson says:

    really love the grey & yellow! any of those textile pics would be a great choice. the dresser is awesome by itself…! nice work!

  20. yoboseiyo says:

    if you have a cheap venetian blind that you want/can take apart, you can make a roman shade easily.
    here’s a couple pinterest links.
    those two dissect a cheap miniblind.

    this one is how to make one without the blind, and is (generally) how most drapery fabricators do it.

    the nice thing about using felt is that you wouldn’t need to hem it, but you might still need a lining so that you wouldn’t get little dots of light poking through when you lower it for naptime.

    mounting it out far enough to avoid hitting the hardware on the roller shade wouldn’t be difficult. just do an outside mount instead of inside the window frame (the last link is an inside mount). put an extra board (like some lattice, maybe?) above the window, and screw the headrail of the roman into that. the board will function like a projection bracket and should kick the roman out far enough to keep it from catching.

    hope that helps!

    • chezerbey says:

      I was just reading about the DIY mini-blinds hack…so creative! I spent some time this weekend exploring different options and think I’ve come up with a doable solution…time will tell. =)

  21. Kristina says:

    I don’t know if this has been suggested yet, but how about a fauxdenza (but use lower kitchen cabinets instead so you have more depth for a changing mat):

    Or what about floating drawers:

    Both would look great with birch countertops on top, would be easy to fit to your specific space, and should be pretty inexpensive 🙂

    I love the yellow chevron for the curtains, but I’m biased since I used chevron fabric in my son’s nursery (http://pinterest.com/pin/28991991320681134/) I love, love, LOVE them!

    • chezerbey says:

      We initially thought about doing some type of IKEA hack so that whole wall was like a giant built-in, but decided we needed more flexibility. Plus, the IKEA route can add up and we wanted to incorporate more vintage pieces (since every other cabinet in our whole house is IKEA!).

      Love the chevron curtains in your son’s nursery…I’m leaning more in that direction but maybe not in the yellow. More to come! =)

  22. Could you try need legs/feet on the dresser?

    I’ve DIY’d roman shades and it wasn’t so hard. The only thing I’d worry about with shades over curtains is the light leakage from the sides. My daughter’s room is a dark color and I she has (ikea fabric hacked) roman shades. The issue is that we get quite a bit of light leakage through the sides. It lights up the whole room and drives me nuts. 2 of her 3 windows face west, so the light is intense. I need to make curtains, but I’ve been too lazy. Just something to consider.

    • that should say “new” not “need”.

    • chezerbey says:

      I thought about new legs, especially since the tapered ones will need some kind of pad to keep from making divots in our cork. (Also thought about just painting the legs/trestle but having second thoughts.) I did a mock-up of some fabric I’m thinking of using and it made the room pretty dark, but the effectiveness will definitely depend on my sewing accuracy with the edges. I found some IKEA curtains that are the perfect width as-is for our larger window, but that also makes me nervous since they could never shrink. =)


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