zerbebe nursery: crib + colors + consignment

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It’s been a while since we did a nursery post, but that’s only because there hasn’t been much to write about. Until now…

Boom! Ok, it’s just a crib and some color samples but it’s progress nonetheless. 

I’ve been mulling over all the amazing comments you guys left on our nursery design post last month (seriously, I think it was one of the most commented posts ever) and fine tuning my thinking about what the space should be. We’re still on board with the second scheme (the darker walls, vintage dresser, glider and blond crib), but with a few adjustments. First of all, we decided to get the IKEA Gulliver crib instead of the Oeuf. After hearing so many positive comments about the Gulliver, we knew it was the right choice for us.

So with the bedding already on hand (an organic Naturepedic mattress and Aden + Anais crib sheet that were gifts from my dad and stepmom), I couldn’t resist the urge to go ahead and put it all together. The crib was actually really easy to assemble, taking me no more than 34 minutes. Seriously, I probably spent more time removing the safety stickers on the top rails. (Hint: they come off way easier if you wet them with a hot washcloth first.) So far, I’m really impressed with the quality of construction and finish. In the realm of IKEA, this is one of the better products I’ve seen.

Now, on to paint colors. I was first inspired to go dark by this image from the Oeuf website (and have since pinned a few other dark-walled nurseries). Maybe it’s not the most conventional color, but I like it. To me, it’s more cozy than brooding. Also, because the nursery reads more like an alcove off the living room, having the darker color against our otherwise all-white walls will help add some much-needed depth and texture to the house.

Oh, and I’m sure it will make baby Zerbey feel like she’s back in the ol’ womb and want to sleep for long stretches of time. (This is sound logic right?)

So with a direction in mind I grabbed a stack of paint chip contenders and then narrowed my favorites down to these 5. (Ok, they probably all look the same to you but I did my best to show the colors as accurately as possible…just think dark blue-gray). On Friday I picked up some pint-size testers from our local Benjamin Moore store so I could do larger-scale mock-ups. (This wall will eventually be covered by the wardrobe, so I’m not worried about any potential inconsistencies in texture, etc.) 

Kyle and I both have a favorite, but what do you guys think? [Click to enlarge.] Again, I’m sure it’s difficult to see the subtle differences on a computer screen, so if you pick by most awesome name I’ll understand. The plan is to stew on it this week and then pick something so I can get to painting (ugh) next weekend.

In terms of baby stuff, we’ve been making some good progress. Now, I’m not exactly a seasoned pro when it comes to baby loot but I have done a good deal of research and listening. My approach may not be perfect, but so far it seems to be working. Going into this whole baby thing, I knew I wanted to focus on the things we really needed or that would make our lives easier. I also wanted to place an emphasis on products and items that were well-made and could be used again (for us or someone else). Oh, and I didn’t want to spend a lot of money.

My first step was just to do a crap load of research. I read blogs, looked at checklists, talked to friends and even ventured to almost every baby store in the greater Seattle area. During that time, I set up a universal online registry as a brain dump of sorts. (I quickly realized that there would be no way I could register at one or even three stores, so universal was the way to go.) Over the period of a month or so I added and deleted things from the list and then sent it to a few other new moms for vetting.

Once I felt like I finally had my brain fully wrapped around the subject, I moved on to the next step – consignment sales. There are several shops around town, but I quickly discovered that the big events are where it’s at. (Honestly, I rarely buy used clothes for myself but I’m 100% behind the philosophy when it comes to baby and kid stuff.) Armed with a good mental list of what I needed, on two occasions now I’ve worked my way through throngs of people to find most of the items you see above. (I’ve also gotten a handful of thoughtful e-mails from local readers alerting me to specific Craigslist deals or popular message boards – I had no idea there were so many great networks for parents out there!) My favorite is when I find a slightly used version of a registry item for about 1/10th of the price. In a small way, I feel like I’ve beat The System.

In addition to the mattress and bedding (and lots of books!), we’ve also received a few amazing handmade gifts so far. Like this baby quilt that my mom made:

It’s feminine, but not too girly and in true 21st-century style, it even has its own QR code (that lists the date it was made). My stepdad (a bit of an engineer nerd, but in the best way!) has been into creating and using QR codes lately and when he couldn’t convince my mom to quilt a QR code out of fabric pieces, they opted for this printed version instead.

My sister also knitted this adorable cardigan and hat. I love it. Living in Seattle, I see a lot of cardigans in our little girl’s future.

And that’s what’s going on in zerbebe land. I’m still stalking Craigslist for a used dresser, but no sweet deals yet. Actually, I’ve seen very few mid-century options in general. Am I looking in the wrong place? Is there some local antique store hoarding 1960’s dressers that I don’t know about? Help me interwebs!


50 Responses to “zerbebe nursery: crib + colors + consignment”

  1. Jessica says:

    Raccoon Fur!

  2. Shannon says:

    Did you look at The House in Magnolia? They have Craigslist posts but can’t remember if they have a website. I’ve bought a Drexel console, two sweet stepped end tables, and a mauve leather Hollywood Regency armchair (way cooler than it sounds) from them. There is a store above Eat Local at the top of QA hill that carries mid century stuff, but not much furniture last I checked.

  3. Suzanne says:

    Black baby seal!

  4. Jonathan says:

    I like baby seal and days end. Raccoon fur seems too dark.

    Speaking of the mid century dresser you could always get one from Ikea and swap out the legs for those mid century legs made by Waddell (usually sold by Lowes or Ace Hardware.) They even sell mount plates that tilt the legs out for that angled mid century table leg look.

    • Shannon says:

      Now that I can see the colors not on my phone (!), I agree. Baby seal and days end seem to have the most depth to them, and I like how they catch the light.

    • chezerbey says:

      I hadn’t thought of that route, thanks Jonathan! My only hesitation with IKEA is that I’m trying to find something that’s solid wood. Since it’s probably going to get beat up anyway, I keep gravitating back to a used piece.

    • noireshinesblue says:

      Agreed. Baby Black Seal was the first one I was drawn to. I’m rejecting Abyss just on basis of the name, irrational as that may seem.

  5. Sarah Martin says:

    My vote’s for Baby Black Seal (on the lighter end) or Abyss (if you’re wanting to go darker).

  6. Ginger says:

    For mid-century furniture, try Antika at 85th and Greenwood – they seem to have a lot of it in the last couple of years. They go over to Europe and bring back containers full

  7. Mariane says:

    temptation tempt me the most!

  8. Brandi says:

    I like day’s end. And woohoo for the baby deals you’ve been getting!!

  9. Nicole says:

    Wow, hilarious… just looks like black, black, black to me. I chickened out and used a dark charcoal, but considering the lack of windows in my baby’s room it worked out.

    Good luck!

  10. Linsey says:

    This is the third time I have caught myself clapping at my desk while reading this blog. I am so happy you went with the Gulliver! (which may be insane but whatever it made me happy)

  11. Chris says:

    Ditto The House and also Space Odyssey in Ballard.

    • chezerbey says:

      Thanks Chris and Shannon, my only hesitation is that the stuff I’ve seen from both of those vendors is usually in good shape but expensive. (I’m hoping to spend less than $200, which means probably finding something that needs some TLC.)

      • Chris says:

        The Goodwill by our house on 145th and 15th sometimes has good mid-century stuff – I just don’t have the room for it so I haven’t paid attention lately. 😉

        • chezerbey says:

          Good to know, I don’t think the Ballard Goodwill has as much furniture (they seem to be 90% clothes!).

  12. Anne says:

    I have one wall painted in Racoon Fur in my bedroom. You’ve got the samples up in your nursery, so you’ll really be the best judge. I wish our wall was more of a black. Racoon Fur definitely has a blue undertone. Looks like a super super dark midnight blue colour in our room. Not bad, but not what I was after. Sounds like you might be looking for a bit of nuance in the black though, so maybe it’s a good one for you.

    Good luck deciding!

  13. Natalie says:

    I live south of Seattle (on Ft. Lewis) and I have such a hard time finding mid century furniture that isn’t a fortune. I’ve always got my eyes out for it, and I’ve actually had the most luck at Goodwills, particularly the South Hill Goodwill on Meridian in the Puyallup/South Hill area. So if you’re willing to venture a little bit. I’ve also seen some nice mid century pieces ( dressers, nighstands) at various Goodwills around Tacoma. Good luck on your search!! I hope you can find one!

  14. Sammi says:

    For me, it’s between baby black seal or day’s end… if it was my final choice I think I’d go the baby black seal, I mean, how can you not go past a cute name like that? Cute fluffy furry baby seal to adorn your baby’s walls… hehe! 😉

  15. S says:

    Unsolicited comment, but unless its the new “seated” model, return the Bjorn and get something with proper back support for yourself (with a shoulder belt) and better seating for the baby. Your back will thank you and so will your babies hips.
    Ergo and Becco are a good option if you want something similar but best would be to check out a local baby wearing store and have them help you find the one that would work best.

    • chezerbey says:

      Haha, I was waiting for someone to make this comment. =) The BabyBjorn we got is the “comfort” version that is most similar to the Ergos. I did a lot of research and it got great reviews in terms of transferring the weight to the hips rather than the back. Plus, we got it new in the box off Craigslist for about 40% of the original price so if it doesn’t work out for some reason it won’t be a big loss.

      • Sammi says:

        Hehe! I was actually tempted to say something about the BabyBjorn when I saw it there, but I usually don’t like to say anything unless asked… We were given a BabyBjorn (granted it wasn’t the ‘comfort’ version) and we also bought an Ergo, and boy oh boy, I wouldn’t go past my Ergo, love it! We used it all the time when our son was younger, and now at 4 we still use it! Hubby uses it to carry our boy on his back (much like giving him a ‘piggy back’ ride), but with the added support. Great for when we go for long walks and our lil’ boy wants to walk but then gets tired so onto daddy’s back he goes 🙂

      • S says:

        ah, please ignore my comment then 🙂
        im glad that Bjorn has started making that model, you will really notice a difference being able to use the waist strap.
        As the baby gets bigger you might find a back carrier to be useful, even my little 8 month olds are getting a bit heavy to carry on the front, but I was able to rake the lawn the other day with one on my back in a becco.

  16. Breanna Kion says:

    I like day’s end. It looks the warmest which I think would be nice with the wood of the crib. Happy painting!

  17. Erin says:

    Fabulous scheme. We actually were looking at black baby seal and racoon fur for above our white tile backsplash in our kitchen (to go with baby animal theme of Silver Fox and Mink on our other walls in the house). I really like the black baby seal and we were super close to going with that. But then I changed my mind and painted it with chalkboard paint…now we draw pictures seasonally on the walls as well as messages for things we want to get. Super handy for the kitchen. I dont know if chalk is bad for little baby lungs though? Just something else to confuse you with…
    Sometimes I like it all washed down so that is more black…other times I like the mottled dark grey color.

  18. amybruning says:

    black baby seal! 90% because of the color and 10% because of the name.

    also, some dressers i came across on CL. not sure if they’d work:
    http://seattle.craigslist.org/see/fuo/2975652194.html (pictures suggest it’s not so “quality” but it’s in your ‘hood so maybe it’d be worth taking a look)

    none are perfect, but i know you guys will be able to TLC it up. good luck!

    • chezerbey says:

      Ooh…thanks Amy! I never even saw that third listing! (Actually contacted the seller this morning but they have someone coming to look at it tonight…we’ll see!)

  19. Liz says:

    I love the QR code on the quilt. Good job, Nana Merrie!

  20. Kari says:

    I like Days End. It’s hard to tell on a computer screen, but to me it looks like it has some brown in it? Feels a bit warmer than the others, but still has that chic dark grey color.

    Have you ever been to Antika on Greenwood Ave and 85th? Its an antique store but they have LOTS of furniture. Probably not the best-priced option but you may find something super cool in there.


  21. Hi, Zerbeys! Just wanted to say how lucky I think you are to have someone to knit for you. Recalling my Mom knitting me a favorite pullover in my favorite turquoise, and how sad I was when I outgrew it, and recalling how it fit fine except it became way too short….I later requested my Mother In Law to create some pullover sweaters for my girls (when she offered), in a style that was tunic length. Also, with part wool, part synthetic, since the wool minimized pilling, as experienced with our previous toddler sweaters.
    As luck would have it, my girls grew slender as they grew taller, both enjoyed many seasons with their Grandma’s handiwork, and my older one actually wore her sweater from elementary through late middle school! The erstwhile tunic became a more typical length on her taller frame, and the sleeves became an elegant 3/4 length. Best wishes with all your precious preparations.
    Pat in New Hampshire

  22. My vote’s for Baby Black Seal (on the lighter end) or Abyss (if you’re wanting to go darker).

  23. Farah says:

    Hey !

    I agree for Baby Black Seal.
    I have a question for you guys. What kind of paint you use? Matte or glossy?

    Thanks !

    • chezerbey says:

      Hey Farah, we used an eggshell finish for the nursery…so it’s in-between matte (or flat) and a semi-gloss.

  24. Farah says:

    Thanks you very much !

  25. Jill says:

    Your mom has an amazing eye for mixing patterns.


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