Chezerbey is two! Last year, we celebrated our one-year blogiversary by talking about the things we hoped to accomplish in the upcoming year, both around the house and for the blog. Looking back, we’ve made some good progress:

Aside from the obvious, we had some goals for our blog too:

1. Revamp the blog: We’re still using the same WordPress theme, but we’ve made some substantial changes to the layout, header and text. (Big thanks to my friend Jenny for helping me with some coding challenges a few months ago. You know a friend is a good person when she helps you with your blog and gives you a kitten.)  I’d still like to do something more custom, but haven’t had the time to invest in really learning CSS. This winter? Maybe.

2. Figure out a way to show “inspiration” photos: Apparently the internet heard my pleas and gently nudged me towards Pinterest. Are you on it? I’ve actually known about it for a while but just joined a few months ago. Want to see what I like? Just click here. If you’re not familiar with Pinterest, you can “follow” me and automatically see what I’m pinning whenever you log on. [Disclaimer: this is totally Lauren-style and does not necessarily reflect the views or stylistic leanings of the other Zerbey. The other Zerbey does not have his own Pinterest account.]

Need more social media in your life? You can follow me on Twitter or add our blog to your RSS feed (seriously, I have no idea what I would do without Google Reader). Just click on the icons in the right sidebar to automatically subscribe. If you like to kick it old school, you can also sign up for e-mail alerts by clicking on the button at the bottom of the right sidebar.

3. Learn to use my camera better: For Christmas last year Kyle got me a Tokina wide-angle lens and a tripod! It really does make a huge difference, but there’s still a lot to learn. I would also like to have a better handle on what Photoshop can do and eventually upgrade to CS5. Something tells me that my version from 2002 is no longer cutting edge.

4. Blog more: The success of this goal tends to vary based on what the current project is, how busy our lives are, and who gets to the laptop first. A year ago, we were a one-car, one-computer family. We finally caved and bought a second car about six months ago and I know the second computer is only a matter of time. [Second computer = MORE BLOGGING!]

So what else will year three bring? We have lots of ideas for smaller scale projects around the house that we’d like to tackle in the next year (while also finishing up the big yard project). On the flip side, we’d also like to do more posts that aren’t directly related to a house project, but are still home or design-oriented. 

Question time! Maybe this is cheesy, but I always enjoy reading the Q&A’s on other blogs, so here goes: is there anything that you all want to know? Something house-related? Something completely random? Maybe a question for Bailey? Just leave a comment or shoot us an e-mail ( We’ll post the answers next week!

Finally, a big thanks to everyone who reads our blog. We’ve been lucky to see our readership grow this past year (and from all around the world, which is still crazy to us!), so we just want to take this moment to say that you guys are the best. Really. Thank you for the great ideas, the encouragement and the humor. I’ve gotten to know some amazing people through this digital design community and continue to be inspired by the experiences, advice and DIY brilliance that everyone has to offer. And well, I think that’s pretty awesome.


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  1. Tracy Ann says:

    So this might be a long silly question but here it goes….
    [Im a senior in highschool and trying to figure out my future. x)]
    Did you enjoy studying architecture? Was it everything you expected it to be?
    I’ve been really looking into it lately because I LOVE art and design, and I love math.
    So I though architecture would be the best way to combine it!
    Would there be any pointers you would give someone looking to go into architecture?

    Thanks so much!

    (p.s. – your blog inspires me SOOO much!)

  2. I’ve been following (and enjoying) your blog for quite a while, but my question is Pinterest-related. I’ve noticed that you’ve “pinned” clothing. I guess that surprised me, because that’s a subject I haven’t seen on your blog. But I like your fashion “pins”! I’m just curious if you are interested in fashion from a pragmatic, “what should I wear,” perspective, from a design perspective, or both?

  3. ModFruGal says:

    Cheers to another year…more great things to come from you guys…I know it!

  4. m says:

    We recently took your Seattle food suggestions while on vacation up there 2 weeks ago.. Bastille was fantastic! Do y’all have any other city-guides?

  5. Congrats on year 2! You’ve made such great progress on your house. What big projects are next on the list?

  6. Congratulations and happy anniversary! I love, love, love your blog and I don’t really want it to change. You Zerbey’s are totally awesome and such an inspiration. I can’t wait to see what you do next!

  7. John J Sykes says:

    How did you choose your house when house-shopping? Was it neighborhood first, then house? Which neighborhood did you choose? What were your criteria in choosing a house/neighborhood? Basically, what was the before-remodel process like?

  8. Heather says:

    Happy Blogiversary! Chezerbey is one of my favorite blogs. You and Kyle are inspirations to all first-time homeowners out there. Kudos to you. You rock.

  9. Congratulations on 2 yrs of house exhibitionism. I’ve had you guys in my reader for a while, now, but I don’t think I’ve commented on anything. I really enjoyed the drainage digging post this week; thanks for that one. I’ve also really liked the deck series. And the sliding door was a personal favorite.. I think that’s the post that made me start following.

    Here’s my question… what’s the project that you most want to do but suspect you never will? (cost prohibitive, etc)

    Our 1-yr blogiversary is coming up; I think I’ll have to borrow your idea of commemorating it. 🙂

  10. Anne says:

    Hi Lauren
    I’ve been reading your blog for a while, and I have enjoyed it a lot. I love the inspiration, the resources page is awesome, and your posts are full of information for those of us who are reno-challenged. I especially loved your follow-up post on your kitchen, for example.

    One of the things that keeps me coming back to your blog is that, for the most part, it concentrates on one thing. Other blogs post inspirational photos etc, and I for one find that those are the blogs I don’t go back to as often, so I guess I’m hoping yours doesn’t change too much!

    • chezerbey says:

      Thanks Anne, it’s really great to hear people weigh in on this. I agree with you on the inspirational photos content – I subscribe to several but I’m often overwhelmed with the content. I think that’s why I like Pinterest – it’s conneced to the blog w/o being in your face. I think our design-related posts would be more about specific products (like outdoor firepits) or something we’ve come across (like an idea, detail, book, etc.) that people might be interested in. Or maybe more behind-the-scenes posts on how we tackle something. Who knows…we’ll see!

  11. Steven says:

    I just wanted to say something response to your goal of blogging more. I stopped reading a home makeover blog not too long ago because I felt like sometimes they were blogging just to blog. One thing that I love about your posts is that even though they don’t happen that often, the content is really good, each and every time. Please don’t sacrifice quality of posts for more posts!

    • scotdog98 says:

      I was going to say that also. I love this blog and sometimes wish that you posted more. But, then I also get tired of people who are just throwing up a blog because they think their readers are expecting it. Your blog always looks very well thought out. Even though I sometimes wish it was updated more frequently, I also totally love the fact that when you do update, they are awesome posts!

      I’m also tired of some of my fav bloggers who are always doing *link parties*. I’d be sad to see those here. Or the constant give-aways.

      I wish you well. I love the fact that both you & your husband contribute.

      • chezerbey says:

        I totally hear you, thanks for the feedback! We’ve resisted giveaways and similar things (not b/c we don’t like free stuff, but most of the time they aren’t products that we would normally use). Ideally, I’d like to post 2x a week, which seems like a good, round number. =)

    • chezerbey says:

      Thanks Steven, definitely appreciate the thoughts. My ideal blogging schedule would be 2x a week or so – nothing too crazy. =) We really enjoy blogging, but know that the quality would suffer if we tried to do more than that, since it usually takes a couple of hours to put together a post (which includes taking and editing photos, writing, proof reading, etc.) and we’re doing this on top of working full time, working on the house, etc.

      • Steven says:

        I definitely understand! There have been times where I’m about to post a photo that I’ve taken, and then decide not to at the last minute, just because it would only be to fulfill my “1 or 2 posts a week” quota.

        I think the issue arises in particular when you’re trying to keep the readership up for advertising purposes. I would assume that without that distraction, it’s easier to focus on the quality of the posts. The good news is the quality of work that you guys do is excellent, so you’re already off to a good start before you even begin your blog post. 🙂

  12. hjc says:

    Congratulations on your anniversary – thank you for sharing yourself with all of us. I hadn’t realized I have been reading your blog since the beginning (or very close to the beginning). I don’t really have any questions, other than can you bottle up some of your motivation mojo for the rest of us? You guys are such an inspiration (although my butt is still stuck firmly on my chair and not out working on all the house projects that need to be done!). Keep up the great work!

  13. Martina says:

    Happy second blogiversary! Although I am a relatively new reader I am in awe of the motivation you two have had to take on such huge-huge projects & am loving the results!

    Keep up the good work!

  14. Jennifer says:

    I’m with Anne, Steven and scotdog98 – don’t change a thing! “Keep it simple” is always a good rule to go by. Your blogs are thoughtful and full of valuable information about the process you and the house are going through. (We would always love more Bailey pics of course!!) You have a great blog – Happy blogiversary!!
    P.S. Bailey will come around – when I got a second puppy (I know, different than getting a kitten), but my older dog looked like the world was going to end but after a few weeks they were best buddies, I’m sure Felix and Bailey will be best buds (or at least tolerate one another) in no time

  15. vee dub says:

    I’ve been *dying* to know more about the art work (wall hanging?) in your bathroom! I love it but can’t find any information about it on your blog.

  16. CT says:

    Happy Blogiversary and congrats on 2 years! My question would be about what kind of architecture you guys do for daily life — schools, malls, prisons? Are you workaholics like all the other architects in my office? It seems like for those of us with creative careers where hours are billed, there can be a tendency to work longer and longer hours. How do you come home from a day of work and have the energy to do all this planning, design and hard work on your own house? It’s kind of the shomaker’s children have no shoes kind of conundrum. I’d love to hear your take on it.

  17. Monica says:

    A belated Happy Blogiversary! Questions… Anything that you would do differently if you had the chance? Favorite spot in the house? Do you know the name of your bed? I have the same one and for the life of me can’t remember it.
    Thanks for sharing! I love love your house.

  18. Zara says:

    Happy Blogiversary! I have turned to your blog on many a house project as it helps inspire me when the dust, mess, and doubt overwhelm me. It shows me all the hard work will be worth it in the end.
    I’m assuming that you tend to do all the work yourselves when it comes to overhauling your house bit by bit judging from your backgrounds. You do a fantastic job of showing before, during, and after shots as well as layout of your house which helps those of us who are visually inclined. I wonder if you might be able to provide timelines on the duration of some of your projects and if it’s not too personal, approximate costs of some of your projects. I own a 100 yr old craftsman and have pondered some of the very renovations you both took on but I have been hesitant to embark upon as I know budgets can get out of hand quickly when trying to just get a job done.
    Thank you for all the time and thoughtfulness you put into your blog, it truly shines through.

  19. Laura says:

    I’m really enjoying your blog. I’d love to know the gap between your island unit and your kitchen counters? Also why are you digging around the foundations are you underpinning or damp proofing?

    • chezerbey says:

      Hi Laura, are you asking about the dimension between the island and kitchen? If so, it’s about 36″. As for the digging – we are adding footing drains and waterproofing out foundation wall so we don’t get any water in our basement (it’s an unfinished space now, but we plan on finishing it out in the future).


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