The content of this post is so random that I couldn’t think of a good title. It’s been a busy week and we have done absolutely nothing on the house. In fact, we’re taking a hiatus from working on weeknights – let’s call it a return to normalcy.

Here’s what we have been doing/thinking:

1. I recently started blogging over at Apartment Therapy’s Re-Nest! Over the last several years I’ve been focusing more and more on the intersection of sustainability and residential design and I’m really excited to be sharing ideas and info on Re-Nest. I’ll be writing about chezerbey from time to time and when I do, I’ll be sure to let you know. Today I posted about the Rolling Huts – the tiny cabins in Eastern Washington where we stayed last weekend. Not only do I think they’re smokin’ hot (the materials, the composition!), but I love that the design is based on a creative solution to meet a zoning code requirement (hint: the site is zoned for an RV park).

And if you’re in the market for a small, energy-efficient refrigerator, there’s a post for that too. (I even compiled the kWh/year usage!)

One thing we have accomplished this week – the completion of Mad Men: Season 3 (OMG that finale!). As mentioned in an older post, we’re totally coveting the show’s full height doors in muted blues and teals. In fact, it got us thinking about our barn doors…

We thought we’d start with a legit source – the above colors are part of the Herman Miller Eames line. They seem a little brighter on-screen than in real life, but we’re thinking that the barn doors could be a good way to add color without a long-term commitment (i.e. – we could always repaint them). We haven’t decided if all of the doors should be the same color or if we should vary them. We’re guessing it will have to be a “try it and see” process. Oh, and the barn doors themselves? Well, we completely redesigned them. Again. (Design is definitely a non-linear process!) But that’s another post, a post that will likely include the word “saga” in the title.

Last but not least, Seattle is wooing us with more free trees. And this time, they’re not just going to gift us the tree, but they’re going to plant it, water it and prune it! On Monday, we came home to a flag in our yard and the below flyer on our door. Turns out, Seattle is targeting certain sections of neighborhoods that are a little, “sparse” when it comes to street trees. Homeowners have always been allowed to plant in the strip between the sidewalk and street (which is outside the property line), so long as the trees weren’t too big or crazy.  And since we have a proven track record when it comes to plant life, we’re happy to let someone else do the job. So now we just have to decide what we want. We can pick from the four listed below (we only get one tree since we already have a Dogwood on the other side). We’re leaning towards the Serviceberry, but the polls are still open.

Really, I think the city is just tempting us to start landscaping our front yard. (Nice touch with the randomly placed purple butterfly by the way.) So what are you guys working on? Are we the only ones not surrounded in two feet of snow? I can’t believe how much snow Oklahoma got…that never happened the 24 years I lived there.


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  1. ModFruGal says:

    Congrats on the Re-Nest gig! OK so I’m really excited to hear about the Rolling Hut stay..on my list since I first heard of them….

    • chezerbey says:

      We had a great time…perfect if you’re into cross country skiing in the winter or cycling in the summer. The community trail goes right by the site and there’s a little cafe that does breakfast, lunch and tapas. Both of our firms do a lot of homes in the area, so we try to head over at least once a year.

  2. Ruth Kidd says:

    Oh, consider the persian ironwood. We don’t have enough of
    these around. All are good, but seen a lot; I vote for the

  3. katie says:

    i love those huts! i went to a lecture by tom kundig when i was in grad school and immediately bought their book, it was a constant source of inspiration. thanks for sharing the additional photos.

  4. Hard to resist that blazing persian ironwood color! Jealous, though, we live over in Ravenna and would love a new street tree or two!

  5. Katia says:

    The paint chip on the left – I just painted my laundry room a colour very similar to this! Bright and awesome. I think it would go very well with the yellows you plan to have in the living room – i.e., the rug that I remember from your collage. But maybe it’s a bit too bright for a large surface. Have you found a rug, by the way?

    I love Bailey’s new shoes.

    • chezerbey says:

      I have not found a rug yet…and now we’re thinking maybe we should paint the doors first and then pick something out. I still want to do yellow and I think it could work with some bluish-doors, as long as we pick the right hues. I’m learning that a decent size mustard yellow rug that’s not $$$ is hard to come by!

  6. I also vote for iron wood. In my humble opinion, the service berries tend to look sort of messy and the crab apples will drop fruit that will get gross, and ash doesn’t seem to sport such vivid fall colors as iron wood.

    I also really like the blues. I’m a sucker for a nice deep blue.

    Now, off to check out your re-nest posts!

  7. LauraC says:

    My vote is for the Persian ironwood. I love the fall brilliance!

  8. Wehaf says:

    Another vote for the ironwood – they’re really gorgeous trees!

  9. Robin says:

    Ha I was going to come on here and post to take a second look at the ironwood! To me it’s only between the serviceberry and ironwood. We have a crabapple and it is beautiful for a few weeks when it blooms but is a huge mess the rest of the year. Luckily, we have a ton of wildlife that eat a lot of the fruit. I couldn’t even imagine that all over a sidewalk. The ash is just blah. The serviceberry has nice blooms and early fall colors but again it has fruit which means mess. It might not be bad if you have a lot of nearby birds though. The ironwood had unique spring flowers, summer foliage that can have a purple edge, great fall colors, and the bark and structure provide winter interest. Check out this post about it for more info:

    Oh and also consider how this will impact the rest of your flower bed. Depending on the sun direction and how big these trees are when they are planted you might need to get shade plants instead of sun plants. You’re a lot more limited with shade (trust me I know!) but it makes gardening a lot more interesting.

  10. Kate says:

    I can just see the ironwood contrasting so brilliantly with the colour of your house

  11. MarT says:

    I agree with @Robin that you need to consider the location of your planting strip…Over time a 30 foot tree (Persian Ironwood) could create a lot of shade where you do not want it.

    I have a Crabapple in my yard and while the flowers and fruit are pretty, I would not plant it if you are not planning to make crabapple jelly or pickled crabapples…too much food for raccoons and other Seattle rodents.

    The neighborhood rats really loved our neighbors Mountain Ash when it fruited, so if that’s the kind of wildlife you want to attract…

    ServiceBerry is actually edible for people as well as birds (also called Saskatoon). Supposedly has a “Blueberry-Like” flavor. If you wanted to keep the berries for human use, you would probably have to net the tree when the berries start forming. It’s in the Raintree Nursery catalog and supposedly does well around here.

  12. Suzanne says:

    Okay, I think the rolling huts are pretty similar to what we need for our family compound on the lake! Camp Cousin!!

  13. Cussot says:

    I’m not sure what serviceberries would taste like in your climate, but I love them. Their pit has a mild almond flavour and the flesh is reminiscent of cherry. Saskatoon pie is a much beloved treat where I’m from.


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