re-energized by design: challenge four!

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Now, are you ready for your weekly dose of re-energization? (Nope, that’s definitely not a word.) The Sayer family made the cut last week, advancing them to the next challenge – the laundry room!


Scott and Nia’s laundry room was really a tiny closet adjacent to a larger space that was being used mostly as a catchall for various items. Here are some of the things we discussed:

+ Stack the washer and dryer to free up space. (As part of this challenge, the family received a new, energy-efficient washer and dryer.)
+ Swap out the solid pocket door for a glass one.
+ Re-use the bathroom sink from the first challenge as a utility sink.
+ Re-use the kitchen cabinets for built-in storage (and cross our fingers that we make it to the final kitchen round!).
+ Replace the existing bulbs in the recessed cans with more efficient versions.
+ Add a counter for folding clothes with storage underneath for laundry and misc. house items.
+ Seal around the existing french doors to reduce any air leakage.
+ Since the space also serves as a mudroom of sorts, provide a place for shoes and coats next to the door.
+ Add a “window” to the opening between the kitchen and laundry area to provide acoustical and visual privacy.

In a mere ten days, they took the space from crazy clutter…

Laundry Before 1

…to this:

Laundry After 1

Didn’t they do a great job? I think this is my favorite space to date. Did you see the pendant they made over the sink? It’s a salvaged washing machine drum attached to a pendant fixture. And the artwork? A handmade sign with a washer door as the “frame”.

Laundry Before 2

Laundry After 2

Scott and Nia also painted the laundry “nook” a bright aqua to give it some punch and added tons of storage and surface area by bringing in (and painting) some of their kitchen cabinets and installing a wood top over a steel frame that yep…they found at their local ReStore.

Laundry Before 3

Laundry After 3

The existing nook was crowded and had barely enough room to actually do laundry. By stacking the new units, there is more elbow room and space for air drying clothes. The added storage in the larger space meant all the clutter could come out of the nook.

Laundry Before 4

Laundry After 4

The divided lite “window” is a salvaged old window that fit the existing opening almost perfectly. It provides acoustical privacy while still allowing “borrowed” light into the kitchen. Although they can rely on natural light during the day, the existing light bulbs were replaced with efficient CFLs.

Laundry After 6

These bins? Just another awesome idea that the Sayers came up with. Salvaged? You know it! (Nia just gave them a fresh coat of paint and added the labels.)

Laundry After 5

Finally, they swapped out the solid pocket door for a salvaged glass door.

Once again, great work Sayer family! If you want to see what the judges thought and who the final two families are, check out the webisode here.

Did you miss the previous challenges? Check out the bathroom, office and living room posts!


8 Responses to “re-energized by design: challenge four!”

  1. LouiseD says:

    Woooh ! That’s wonderful ! It looks amazing !
    They did a really good job on this one (on the other weeks too, even if I didn’t commented back then)
    It’s really inspiring for when we’ll do our own laundry room…

  2. Kyle Zerbey says:

    Nice job team Sayers, really dig the meta drum pendant

  3. Emily says:

    I agree, the dryer drum light is awesome! And I love the pop of color in the wash room to cheer it up.

  4. Wehaf says:

    I love it! Everything this couple does is awesome.

  5. hjc says:

    These guys should start blogging if they don’t already. They have great ideas and execution.

  6. Betinah Luna says:

    Now this is what I need to do in my apartment.

  7. KMP Modern says:

    Wow, I love the after shots! What a difference. The aqua really adds a playful touch and the storage units with the salvaged laundry bins are perfect. This seems like such a fun project, and the changes are truly gorgeous and time and space saving. Good luck with your travels!

  8. LauraC says:

    I’ve only watched the last two episodes, but I’ve really enjoyed them! Looking forward to the kitchen one . . .

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