reenergized by design: challenge three!

As you saw last week, the Sayer family made it to the third round!


This week’s challenge is the living room. I distinctly remember the Sayer’s submission video because they have a large, overhead glass door right in their living room. This element, plus the fact that the space is part of a larger living/dining/kitchen area meant that we had a few challenges to think through. Here are the ideas we discussed:

+ Come up with a way to minimize heat loss through the overhead door while taking advantage of all the great natural light (unfortunately, budget would not allow a replacement).
+ Rethink the existing overhead lighting and introduce better task lighting that would reduce the need for general lighting.
+ Clear the clutter and create a better transition between living and dining.
+ Finish out the stair landing and create a niche to mount the TV.

One week later, here’s what they came up with!

Living Room Before 1

Living Room After 1

The S table and reclaimed wood table swapped places. Nia built a chaise out of pallet wood (and upholstered it herself!) to create a sectional out of their existing black sofa. A new rug and curtains were brought in and Scott installed rigid foam insulation over the opaque bottom portion of the overhead door to help mitigate heat loss. Scott also trimmed out the column at the wall to match the one in the office and bring more cohesiveness to the large, open space. Additionally, the inefficient track lighting was removed and the bulbs in the existing recessed lights were swapped out for more energy-efficient versions.

Living Room Before 2

Living Room After 2

In addition to the chaise, the Sayers built a wing wall to help better define the living and dining zones.

Living ROom Before 3

Living Room After 3

The stair landing now doubles as a TV niche and Scott used scrap pieces of slate to finish it off.

Living Room Before 4

Living Room After 4

The dining area window was trimmed out and a window seat was constructed (no big deal, right?) as a cozy place to read or to double as extra seating in a pinch.

Living Room Before 5

Living Room After 5

And there you have it, great work guys!

So, do you think they made the cut this week? Head on over to the Re-Energized by Design website and find out!

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