re-energzied by design: challenge two!

Guess who made it two round two? Team Sayer, that’s who!


This week, the challenge space is a home office or garage. Scott and Nia chose their home office, a light-filled room off of their main living area. The family uses this space all the time, but it had become a catch-all for both things and activities and needed some organization and cohesiveness. On the energy side of things, they needed better overall and task lighting for the space.

Here were some of the ideas we discussed:

+ Create different zones (work, painting, chatting) to better suit the different activities that take place in this space.
+ Replace the lone pendant and cable lighting with more effective fixtures (and bulbs!) that provide both general and task lighting.
+ Take advantage of natural daylighting and views to the woods beyond.
+ Put up a partition wall that affords the space a bit more privacy but doesn’t completely cut it off visually or physically from the adjacent living area.
+ Build a large, shared work surface for laptops, homework, etc.
+ Incorporate better storage solutions.

And here’s the big “before and after” reveal photos (I decided to group them together this week so you can get a better sense for how things changed):

Office Before 2

Office After 2

You recognize those perforated metal “shades”, don’t you? Yep, Scott and Nia repurposed IKEA utensil holders into light fixtures. The red S is a sign letter that they salvaged and added casters to (it was in their living room, but it seemed better suited for the creative vibe of the office).

Office Before 1

Office After 1

The multi-purpose table is from a salvaged piece of an old bowling lane attached to steel frames that they already owned. And the pendants over the table? Scott made those from metal car jacks! They also installed an energy-saving power strip for their computers.

Office Before 3

Office After 3

There wasn’t a clearly defined separation between the office and adjacent kitchen and dining area, so the Sayers built this partition wall out of old salvaged doors. (The locker was used for the bathroom storage, as seen in last week’s post!) There were some unfinished trim details, so Scott took this opportunity to add new base boards and trim out the column to give the space a more industrial aesthetic.

Office Before 4

Office After 4

Finally, Nia replaced the mismatched curtains with new IKEA ones. To finish the space, they added a bit of greenery, their favorite design books and storage bins for miscellaneous office supplies. (Funny side story – I ran into Scott and Nia at IKEA one day when they were shopping for this challenge. They were buying (among other things) the black Expedit unit and I was buying the dark gray one for our office loft. Although, I’m not as awesome as Nia to assemble it sans instructions as you’ll see in the video!)

Great job guys! You vastly improved the space and did some minor construction. I like that about you.

So, are you ready to see the webisode? Grab some coffee and check it.

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5 Responses to “re-energzied by design: challenge two!”

  1. Paul says:

    You made that kitchen look soooo much better!

  2. Brittany C says:

    Wow! Seems to me that your family is blowing the others out of the water! Good looking design on a budget!

  3. Robyn says:

    I’m in love *LOVE* with the S table… Everything else looks pretty good, too! : )

  4. LauraC says:

    Very nice!

  5. maja says:

    The salvaged door partition is genius. Nicely done.

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