eight months!

Avery turned 8 months old yesterday!


This past month has been marked with a lot of drool.


Drool, some fussiness and yet…no teeth.


But most of the time, she’s still a happy girl.


A happy girl, who, is crawling all over the place and quickly testing out our “phase one” baby proofing efforts.


Originally, we were going to design and build our own baby gate (of course we were). But then, y’know…we ended up buying the least ugly one we could find on Amazon that could be here in two days. (Ours is this one from North States.) It was a little fussy to install, but we’ve been happy with it so far.


Aside from removing things at her level and consolidating all the media equipment into the new cabinet, we identified any sharp corners that might be an issue. So far, only the fauxdenza has been a concern so we added foam tape to the outside corners. (I was skeptical at first, but it blends in with the cabinet pretty well.)


Oh, and the dog bowls. Fortunately, Bailey is not one to ever leave a morsel of food in his bowl, so we don’t have to worry about that. But she has figured out how to splash the water and pull the food bowl out. This one’s not so much a safety concern as it just gross.


So…the loft ladder. Fortunately, there’s no way she could fall through it so the only dilemma would be how to keep her from climbing up it. We thought we had plenty of time to figure that puzzle out…


…and then she started pulling up on it. We’ve barricaded it with certain non-elegant options (Pack ‘n Play, laundry basket, large golden retriever), but need a better long-term solution. The tricky part is that Kyle and I still need to be able to go up and down the ladder easily and the barn door still needs to slide between the ladder and wall.


(Ugh, this pulling up thing is stressful…just enough strength and coordination to get on two feet, but not enough to be stable. Makes me want to put her in a padded suit and helmet!)


The only thing we haven’t been able to baby proof is Bailey. (Sorry, buddy.)


At least he makes for a soft landing.


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  1. Kate says:

    Such a sweet baby! I’m surprised to see a pressure mount gate at the top of your stairs, though. Where I live (not in the USA) we’re strongly told to use fixed mounted gates at the top of stairs, as the pressure mounted ones can pop out if baby falls into them hard enough.

    • Lauren says:

      I think that’s a legitimate concern – this one actually has plastic caps that attach to the wall that the mounts sit in, so it would take quite a bit of force to pop it out. We’ll definitely reevaluate as she gets bigger to make sure it’s still safe. 🙂

      • Love the foam tape solution!

        I wondered the same thing when I saw the tension gate at the top of the stairs. Not to dogpile, but I looked at the installation manual and it says never to install at the top of stairs. Last year I witnessed a friend’s daughter plow through a tension gate and fall head first down a (thankfully) short flight of stairs. It was horrifying.

        We ended up getting a pretty ugly gate and making some pretty ugly holes in our walls and newel post for it, but at least it gave us piece of mind.

        • Lauren says:

          No, it’s a good point. Hard to imagine her having that much force someday (I “tested” it myself with my own body), but I know it happens. Maybe at that point we’ll custom design/build our own. 😉

          • S in Seattle says:

            Munchkin LOFT gates are very attractive – we sprung for two at the top of each set of stairs. We have the all aluminum ones. Would look appropriate in your place!

  2. Sara says:


    Have you thought of a clear piece of acrylic as barrier to prevent Avery from climbing up? If you bent it into an angled “C” shape, it could block the stairs and be moved out of the way. Maybe frosted acrylic would look nicer? And you can cut the bottom at a slant so it lies flush with the ladder.

    I wish I could explain it better; I can’t find anything like what I’m trying to explain online.

    • Lauren says:

      I have thought about that (and have seen similar applications on bunk bed ladders at places like Land of Nod). That’s a good idea and we might end up going that route since it would be the most minimal.

  3. Ann Wyse says:

    Oh boy, the ladder is going to be a tough one! I agree with Sara – if only you could block out the first three steps – so that adults could still “climb” over those steps – or something?!? I love it – it’s a *great* problem to solve. I know you’ll come up with something – can’t wait to see what!

  4. Sara says:

    Can you rig up some sort of temporary post on the handle side of the ladder and install a regular baby gate?
    The one thing I’ve learned about temporary solutions is the kids get bigger and smarter fast! Our 19 month olds have now figured out how to push a chair over to climb up on and reach things that were previously out of reach. It wouldn’t be long till they would have figured out how to climb up a slightly angled piece of plastic (hey, a slide!)
    The chairs are on a long term hiatus from the dining room and we all eat around a tiny table in the gates off kitchen.

    • Sara says:

      Just saw the point about the door needing to slide, that’s a tricky one!
      One thing we did, not elegant at all, but our bottom stair has an opening in the railing that’s larger than current code and would be big enough for a baby head, so it’s covered with a piece of flexiable plexiglass, and attached with zip ties. As I said, not so elegant/pretty but it works and they aren’t so easy to see. In a few years we can cut the zip ties and it all goes away.

  5. mai-ling says:

    Lilly On-Ling cut her first tooth earlier this month and the second
    one just cut through…the second one was rough for her. But
    she’s been teething since 2 months…

    Our babies are now at the age we have to keep watch.
    Lily isn’t so much crawling perse but is moving around
    lots and tries to stand whenever. I’m so afraid she’s going
    to hurt herself

  6. cheryl preston says:

    Oh thank you for a Monday morning smile! What a joy, that happy Avery is the best kind of happy!
    I especially love the childproofing efforts! Bailey is such a good buddy…love it!!!

  7. Chris says:

    Those photos of Bailey being such a good brother were just the thing I needed this morning. I just want to smooch all over him.

  8. Molly says:

    Once my 9 month old son fell over after pulling himself up and bonked his head on something. After wailing for a few minutes he fell asleep. Certain that he had suffered a concussion, I called my husband’s cousin who happens to be a pediatric ER doctor (nice to have one in the family!!). I’ll never forget her words: “Molly, if babies learning to stand or walk got seriously injured every time they fell down, the human species would never have made it this long!”

    Obviously, babies can get badly injured from falling from a height or from falling on a sharp corner. But just falling down from pulling themselves up is totally normal! Avery will be sad when she bonks her head but our noggins are built for these bonks! Helmets are unnecessary. 🙂

    • Lauren says:

      Thanks Molly, you’re right. My dad’s a pediatrician, so I usually err on the side of “oh, she’s fine!” but it’s still hard to see those first few tumbles. 🙂

  9. Sonel says:

    What a beautiful baby! 8 months is such a fun age! You can really see their personality start to show. The pulling-up phase is SO difficult. Our -now 18 month old- son used to fall and hit his head all the time. We had bare wood floors and so I would try to compensate by placing pillows all around him, but he always seemed to miss them when he fell. Fortunately, just like all difficult baby phases, it does pass.

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