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With all of the improvements we’ve made to our home in the last few years (coupled with record low-interest rates!) we decided to refinance our mortgage. (More on that later!) Aside from the obvious, one of the biggest changes we’ve made is that our house now has two bedrooms (which has a big impact on home value, as appraisers have to use other 2 br/1 bath comps when determining their numbers).

Anyhow, the new second bedroom (which we’ve been referring to as the “flex room“) has mainly served as a cozy TV room. Even though it was already a bedroom by building code standards, we decided play it safe and add a bed and closet before the appraisal.

So a few weeks ago I went down to IKEA and bought a wardrobe for the room. In lieu of a framed out closet, our plan has always been to add another wardrobe, similar to what we did in our bedroom. With the customization and interior fittings options, they’re simply a more efficient solution for small homes.

This time however, we wanted to spend as little money as possible (with the idea that we can always add units or interior fittings later), so I bought a single 39″ PAX unit and the cheapest white doors they sell. (I was going to do another curtain system but couldn’t find anything I liked.) The knobs are IKEA as well, a purchase I made years ago when I thought I’d spruce up the old kitchen cabinets before we could afford to remodel.

[The wardrobe assembly was another project that we tackled on our anniversary. After carrying the boxes inside, Kyle must have seen a look of unmotivation on my face because he quickly offered to handle the installation and let me get back to shoveling pea gravel in the backyard. Secretly, I think he likes to see how fast (and with how many power tools) he can assemble IKEA products. Love that guy.]

For now, the inside just has two shelves and a hanging bar and serves as extra storage for pillows, blankets, dresses, Xbox accessories and occasionally, the curious kitten. (FYI – PAX doors require four hinges per door. That would have been good to know.) Also, PAX boxes are heavy. Thank you to the kind soul at IKEA who helped me load the boxes onto my flat cart.

We also moved our old brown couch to the basement and set up the Aerobed that we use when guests visit. The West Elm duvet cover and IKEA stool are from the loft.

Although it’s been several weeks since the appraisal, we haven’t brought the couch back up from the basement. Truthfully, it’s kinda nice being able to watch TV in bed…without having a TV in your bedroom.

All in all, the only thing we bought was the wardrobe, which cost around $200.

And that’s our second room. It’s still lacking in the decor and accessories department, but those kind of decisions require months of careful mulling. We’re also debating getting a real bed for the space or maybe upgrading ours (we’re still sleeping on the mattress Kyle bought in college!) and moving the old one into this space. We’ll see. Although I do admit, the idea of owning two beds makes me feel very grown-up.


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  1. All I see is KITTTTTYYYY!!!!! The pose in the fourth picture down kills me.

    The room looks great. I could move in, you know, for some extra convincing appraiser evidence. You can never be too careful!

  2. katie says:

    the cat is so cute!

    if you decide to buy another bed, good luck! we bought a new mattress a few years ago and i quickly decided the mattress shopping is probably the worst thing ever. even more horrible than appliance shopping.

  3. We’ve done our fair share of hurdle jumping for appraisers but it’s always worth it. Of course when the tax appraisers come, we do the opposite 🙂 Agree that mattress shopping is HORRIBLE. Stick with the local places not the big box mattress stores. The deals are better we found. Where do you usually set up your guests now? Upstairs?

    • chezerbey says:

      Guests usually stay in this room or sometimes the attic loft, just kinda depends on preference. Or sometimes we sleep in the flex room or loft and give up our bedroom. =)

  4. dusamuse says:

    I love the idea of TV in bed without it being in the bedroom. So cozy (esp. with a kitteh and doggeh to snuggle up during!) And I really like how the step stool/bedside table sneaks right in there perfectly!

  5. Swenja says:

    Not sure what I like more – the yellow accents or the cat. Ok, the cats wins 🙂

    Been there with the Pax, we have a couple of those. Love that you can always change the interior!

  6. LauraC says:

    Oooooh, can’t wait to hear what the appraiser said when he/she found out you did everything, especially the loft/stairs! And yeah, watching TV in bed is such a treat. Our TV is in our basement, so sometimes we’ll Netflix something on Josh’s iPad so we can watch it in bed.

  7. ModFruGal says:

    How does the loft space figure in to appraisals? Could they consider it as a 3rd bedroom?!

  8. Kyle Z says:

    @ModFruGal, Actually, the appraiser was not very considerate of the loft even though it has an egress window, smoke alarm and arc fault electrical circuit. Basically it came down to the ceiling height so they refused to include it in the appraisal although he stated something about that it would increase the homes market value. The appraiser was from a different city (not seattle) and wasn’t familiar with seattles amendment to the residential building code which does allow our loft as a “habitable attic space” accessible by ladder. We requested a second review and they wouldn’t budge. Appraisers are very conservative these days. Magically the appraisal came in exactly what we needed it to in order to refinance.


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