We spent the long holiday weekend at a friend’s lakeside cabin in eastern Washington, just south of the Canadian border. It was a perfect combination of hot weather (85 degrees!), good friends, cold drinks and delicious food.

Even Abe Lincoln joined in, watching over the festivities and keeping everyone, well…honest. (Although, it was hard to take him too seriously with all that bling.)

Naturally, Bailey (along with our friend’s dog, Baby) were the life of the party. In fact, he is still recovering from 3 days of swimming, snuggling, sunning and numerous outfit changes.

Unfortunately, the deck did not build itself while we were gone.

Kyle resumed ipe installation yesterday and even though it’s not quite finished, it’s very close. With family in town (starting today!) progress will be delayed for a bit, but we’ve still got plenty of time. For Pacific Northwesterners, summertime has just begun.

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