happy birthday bailey

Today is Bailey’s fifth birthday! (It is also my mom’s birthday – Happy Birthday Mom!) As per tradition, we’ll be giving Bailey his favorite treat – cheese melted on a slice of bacon. He might also get some of the pumpkin pie that I totally botched (let’s just say that since there is no sugar in it, I figure it’s ok for him).

In honor of Mr. Bails, I’ve culled through our collection and gathered some of my favorite pictures from the last five years. Ready, set, PUPPIES!

This photo was taken just last weekend. He’s still a puppy.


Most of the puppy pictures were taken by our friend Nguyen – who graciously offered to document how ridiculously cute our furball was.


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  1. Robyn says:

    As if you need any more evidence that Bailey should go into modeling! I miss that furball and his giant head! Happy b-day Mr. Bails!

  2. Anna @ D16 says:

    I think I said “AWWWWW” about 45 times while reading this post. 🙂

    Happy birthday, Bailey!

  3. The cuteness! I’m dying! That is one very, very good-looking doggeh you’ve got there! Just wanna squeeze him!

    The antlers picture in particular made my day. Also, what is that fabulous structure behind the most recent photo?!

    Happy Birthday Bailey!

    • Kyle Z says:

      Hi Daniel,

      It’s a house in the mountains of eastern Washington that just finished construction this past summer. I’m an architect at Balance Associates in Seattle and it’s a project for one of our clients. Check out our website to see more of our work if you’re interested. http://www.balanceassociates.com

  4. Gingo says:

    awwwww!!! Happy birthday Bailey! Great pix!!!

  5. lilyclove says:

    what an awesome treat to see these pics today ! happy birthday to a very lucky puppy !

  6. Juliet says:

    Growing up my family dog was a Golden named Bailey! He was SO sweet. I now have my own Golden, Hemingway… Golden Retrievers are the BEST!!! Happy Birthday, Bailey!

    I love seeing what you are doing to your house, but my favorite part of the blog is seeing Bailey show up in the photos!

  7. maya says:

    oh , happy birthday puppy!
    our Mika just turn 1 last week, the should be married, we are just on the wring coast…
    oh, i am that Maya..

    we could do a daily pup email, u show me yours, i;ll show you mine…

  8. LauraC says:

    Awwww, so, so, so cute! Happy Birthday Baily! (and where is that awesome cabin/house in the last picture?!)

  9. Leslie says:

    OK, of course you have a great house blog, and the documentation of your projects is top notch- you guys do a great job! But… Bailey is totally the star of your blog! His pictures always steal the show, in my opinion. Happy birthday Pup!

  10. AnnW says:

    This doggy makes me rethink the whole Golden Retriever thing. Don’t you love it when they carry around toys? Ikea has THE BEST dog toy. It is a yellow lab, or a shorter haired Golden that is about 30 inches long. Actually, it might be a kids toy. It is $20. My two Chocolates drag it around everywhere. They love to put their heads on it. It is nice and floppy. We also have a smaller version. My dogs like to eat up most of the expensive toys. I buy them stuffed animals at the Thrift Store. They treat them like gold. Go figure.

  11. Fat Cat says:

    I’m late to the party… But nonetheless, Happy Birthday Bailey ! Hope you enjoyed the melted cheese on bacon. A favourite treat of mine as well 😉

  12. lutteral says:

    HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY Bailey from french admirer !


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