unhappy retriever

After spending yet another precious weekend indoors, the canine had no choice but to stage a sit-in, protesting even the most basic of household chores. Clearly, the remodel had taken its toll on everyone.

Inspired by the always clever, Unhappy Hipsters.


8 Responses to “unhappy retriever”

  1. Ha! The chihuahuas do the same thing. They are cover hogs.

  2. Kate H. says:

    My gosh, he’s behaving like my boikitteh. But Huw does that everytime I try to remake the bed, remodelling work ongoing or no.

  3. Karrie says:

    And after he got a new custom dog dish area too! Lazy puppy.

    I swear if mine never had to go to the bathroom, he’d never move off his bed either!

    Such a cute picture!

  4. priscilla says:

    Of course he is adorable!

  5. Austin-ite says:

    He’s the cutest thing around. Favorite ‘BlogDogs’ ever:

    Bailey of Chez Zerbey
    Charlie of Pioneer Woman

  6. kyle z says:

    actually, just to clarify my #1 choice was a bassett hound but Lauren always wanted a golden, now of course I can’t imagine having it any other way, bailey is special

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