30th birthday

Phew. It’s been a whirlwind last couple of weeks but we got the house finished (enough), made multiple trips to and from the airport and had a big 30th birthday party on Saturday night. We just dropped the last sister off for her red-eye back to D.C. and the house is quiet again. There is a pile of wrapping paper on the floor, blankets and pillows stacked up on the couch and a sink full of dishes that need to be washed. And it’s great – it finally feels like a home. We have lots more photos to share, but here are a few from Saturday night.

My sisters pulled together and made most of the food for the party. As the four of us stood around the new island talking and prepping, I couldnt’ help but think, this is what it’s all about. This is why we wanted an open, inviting kitchen with a big work surface. I think we all envision pretty “after” pictures with every piece of fruit perfectly staged, but I sorta love this version too.

So we don’t have the flooring in and the cabinets aren’t finished, but that didn’t stop everyone from having a good time. [And thanks to the intermittent heavy rain, we fit about 30 people in our house – another first for sure!]

Kyle thoughtfully moved the cake as far away from the smoke detector as possible. Fortunately, I got them all in one breath.

Two thumbs up for sorta kinda meeting our deadline. We’ll have a proper housewarming event when it’s all done. I think it will be a Christmas party.

Speaking of, we still have lots to do but I’m thinking of transitioning away from the weekly progress reports. Since our remaining tasks will likely be tackled on a project by project basis (barn doors, loft ladder, flooring, etc.) I’d like to do specific posts that go from start to finish within a single post. What? You were getting tired of posts about electrical work? Yeah, us too. Bring on the fun stuff!


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  1. ModFruGal says:

    Congrats…must be so satisfying to see how all your planning made the space work just the way you’d hoped it would.

  2. First off congratulations and happy birthday! You’re home looks like a great space to host parties even if it isn’t finished. I absolutely love your kitchen sink and the huge window behind it. I also give your island two thumbs up 🙂

  3. Katia says:

    Happy birthday Lauren and congratulations to all three of you on (almost) being done with the home! The kitchen island top looks amazing, great choice.
    Hopefully the project progress reports won’t be less frequent than weekly. To be honest, I enjoyed even the electrical work ones. And Bailey manages to be in almost every post, whatever they were about, so how can they be tiring!

  4. Michele says:

    Thirty is when – life just starts to get really good…..

    Happy Birthday!

  5. katie says:

    happy birthday!!


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