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It took way longer than expected, but the bathroom art project is finally done! [Which means the bathroom is finally DONE!] Inspired by a post on Apartment Therapy last fall, we put together a little project constructed of “on site”, post-consumer recycled content. 


First we waited several weeks until we had used, collected enough material. Then we scored the TP rolls and cut them into sections of varying widths.

We then sprayed all the pieces with a low-odor clear matte spray to protect the cardboard from any moisture laden air. Because we thought the bathroom needed a little mustard yellow, we painted the inside faces of a few.

Next we carefully arranged and re-arranged the pieces on our dining room table before gluing them together. [This is part of the reason the project took so long. Art was sharing a space with eating and most of the time eating won.] We also thought the composition would be a nice complement to our leafy shower curtain pattern.

The whole assembly is fairly light weight and is held on the wall by a series of pins. We opted to hold it off the wall a bit to create more interesting shadows.

And here is the straight-on view.  This project cost about $8 (one small tube of acrylic paint, two cans of clear finish, and let’s just say the cardboard was “free”).  We love that it is somewhat raw, a little delicate, and definitely edging on playful.


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  1. Mom says:

    Turned out looking great – very creative!

  2. Allison112 says:

    I have been collecting paper towel tubes for ages, just waiting for inspiration. I had a similar picture in mind, but it helps to have a tangible idea – thanks! Wonderful reno, BTW!

  3. I absolutely love this project! Its so stylish and what a great way to re-use the tp rolls! Your post is really inspiring! Thanks for sharing.

  4. I realise I got to this blog post a year late but just loving this loo roll idea. I have a habit of collecting both toilet and paper towel rolls as my son loves cutting and gluing a myriad of stuff. I think this will be an excellent craft project for mum, dad and son…thanks for the idea.


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